Pinch zoom boundaries


Having set the display size how do you enlarge the area outside the display size? Why should I want to do this? Because I have a an image that I want people to be able to enlarge by pinching. This they can do but the image seems to reach a limit too soon thus not enabling the image to be zoomed satisfactorily for my project.


Hello Stephen,

Is your image in a specific Asset ? Can you give some details on the scene, layers etc. ?


Hi @stephen,

You might just need to increase the maximum width / height container properties of your image. See below:


Thank you Seb. I feel this response is heading in the right direction although not solving my issue. Although I am able to zoom sufficiently now. I cannot then drag the zoomed content to the area I wish to view. Example here Select the Community Map. Then select the area “Orford”. Pinch zoom to enlarge the area around the village of Orford. Even though you can pinch zoom directly on the village of Orford it moves further out of the display area the more you zoom until it is not visible. I would be fine with this if I could then drag it back in to view but I cannot :frowning: