Pin board within Scroll collection - Hide objects outside of viewport

How would you recommend hiding objects when outside the viewport. My XP is a large pin board with multiple objects (again, my Task Board based XP). When the view port is moved and objects fall beyond the boarders, I’d like them to be hidden and reappear when within the viewport. This is to improve performance of the XP. I cannot think of a way to tie the X location of each pin board object to the screen offset with the script converter.


Hi @Hootie,

Unfortunately, “as is”, your Tasks aren’t able to access your Scroll Collection Offset from inside their own collection. Hence, you can’t modify their visibility based on that.

In addition, from what I’ve tested, if you manage to set up some tricky structure in order to have the Offset accessible at a Task level, it will require so many extra elements and bindings that it will degrade your performance, which will be counter-productive as your main goal is to optimize it.



Thank you @Alex. I thought that would be my situation. Due to the nature of our business, the projects we try to build to satisfy our needs with Intuiface tend to encompass many fields. Our current build has pushed the “Tasks” excel file to 130 columns. I am learning (with the use of the script converter) to reduce that number.

Along the topic of degraded performance, The more assets I can make invisible per “Task” when no data is present to display, the better my XP will function? Is there a point of diminishing returns (hide as much as possible / shear number of fields)? I anticipate as many as 60 to 80 “Tasks” at any given time.

Thanks again!!

My guess is that you’re not displaying all the 130 columns at a time but only a fraction of it.
Based on that assumption, you could optimize performance for instance by only loading the tasks in displayed column through the usage of Excel filtering.

For such specific case, it’s very hard to provide insights without having access to your experience and requirements.

I strongly recommend you to open a ticket to support, explain your needs and issues in details, and share everything you can with the Team.



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