Photoshop Import


I seem to be having an issue importing a Photoshop file. Each time I try, an error says “Unable to Import the Photoshop file. Please Try Again”

I’m on Win 10, Photoshop CC, current version of IF (

I re-read the photoshop import documentation, and I have only a few of many layers labeled as .PNG.

I’m wondering if maybe I missed something somewhere? Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!


Took it to Support Alex.t


Thanks @Vincent!
Just so I know how to proceed in the future - is the Support Ticket service the best place to post about bugs? And the Community is more about posts for “using” Intuiface features? With the release of the Community, I wasn’t really sure if this was to be the one-place to post everything. Much appreciated.


[Under the control of Anastasia] Yes @AlexB , for specific lookalike bugs, Support Ticket is the way to go.
That being said, what the community might be interested in is how many of us are using the Photoshop/PSD integration, what are the best practices, which product evolution or fix would make it even greater, etc.


Got it, that helps clear things up a bit. Thanks for the info!


Hello. I have the same problem as you, but I can’t find the answer in support… Did you fix this?


Hi @runen1,
I believe my issue was related to some of the effects/blending options I used in my photoshop layers. @alban said he was able to fix it by flattening those layers so the effects were rasterized.

I also had to re-read the support documentation to make sure I did it correctly. In the process I also discovered an export to png feature that’s already built into photoshop. You can select layers and export many at once as PNG’s to a file folder. Check that out - it’s probably similar to what IF does, but may be useful if you want a graphics collection outside of IF.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much for a good answer. I’m starting to learn this and it’s quite intuitive. But this was not :slight_smile: