Photobooth app that does gifs

Ive looked at the XP’s available but cant find anything that would allow me to take several photos and create an animated gif. does anyone know of anything (or how i could go about it!)

Maybe take a few shots with a webcam in Intuiface, write something up with THIS to build the GIF.

Haven’t tried it… but I might :slight_smile:

Thanks - any ideas of how i’d integrate it - i’m not a programmer unfortunately. also i’m looking for something i can add a border to for example.

Hi @GazM,

I confirm that you will need some development skills to create your own Interface Asset (JS or .NET) that would take your snapshots as inputs and return the created GIF file.


Thanks Seb
Is there anyone out there who might be able to help with this (you would be paid)

I think you should post this request in the Opportunities section

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