Photobooth app Ipad


Ive been looking into the possibility of creating a photobooth app but have been told that IF cannot trigger the camera when used on an iPad. is this the case and does anyone know of a workaround / timescale when it will be possible to do on an iPad



You are correct the webcam asset is currently not supported on iPads. You can see the list of iPad limitations here;

Feel free to create a wishlist item on this topic if you think it deserves to be in the product.



Hi Chloe

Thanks for your help. I haven’t had much response from the opportunities thread I posted so wondered if this is something you guys could help with (I’d obviously pay)

This will be my first commercial project and will enable me to purchase the enterprise version of composer (I’ve purchased a months licence in the past to pitch another project) I’m really keen to get this off the ground so I can go on and pitch for other work, so any help would be much appreciated.

Let me know and I can give you more details but FYI I have asked the client if we could deliver this for Android which I what I am pushing for!

Best wishes


Hi Chloe

Sorry just as I sent the email the client came back and said they already have iPads so it would need to be developed for ipad

Please let me know your thoughts.