Phidget Interface Kit



Has anyone used a Phidget Interface Kit to send voltage to a device? I tried using the example on GitHub as source code to make changes to, but I cannot even get the GitHub example to load properly in Intuiface. It fails to initialize.

Java applet for Intuiface needed

Hi @Trey,

Did you follow the instructions here and installed the Phidget 21 drivers before trying to add the IA in an IntuiFace project?
Make sure you install the 21 version and not a newer one.

And yes we used to send (low) voltage to a device, such as lightning an LED.



Of course, but it still did not work. New devices now run on Phidget22. We have a new device. But I wanted to see what your sample looked like when brought into Intuiface. I also tried altering the sample source code to use the Phidget22 driver and device, but it did not work. I finally gave up, downloaded source code from Phidget and created an app in VisualStudio that simply sends the voltage as soon as you click on it. Then I set Intuiface to start that application when the button is clicked. Not ideal. Would love Intuilab to come up with something for the Phidget 0-0-4 interface kit.


Trey, if you’ve gone that far in the implementation of Phidget22 library in a .NET app, you could create your own .NET Interface Asset from the code you wrote and call on action on your library instead of launching an exe.

Please have a look at this process and tell me if you need additional info about it.