Performance Multi-Output on Brightsign XC5 4055

Wondering if anyone has tested performance/frame rate of Clip playback and HTML5 rendering over 2,3,4 outputs (4K) or 1-8K running on Brightsign 4055?

I haven’t tried but I am wondering about support for the XC5 player.

Hi @alex1 & @EAR,

We are currently running these tests as well on our XC4055 and working closely with BrightSign not only on how to run Intuiface Player across 4 outputs, but also how to get the touch inputs from either 1 big overlay or more important for us, from 4 USB PCAP touch screens.

Stay tuned!


Can you provide some tentative dates and roadmap?

On the playback of an experience, without touch, yes: soon :slight_smile:
Not touch doesn’t mean not interactive, as the demo we’ll show will include a 2nd Intuiface XP being used as a remote control.

On running experiences with multiple touch screens, no, as we depend on the information provided by BrightSign.

Great, so soon we could have a touchscreen on one output with some UI and the second output responding to the actions/commands triggered from the Interactive interface? Soon like in 2 weeks or 2 months or?
Thanks tor your support.

We are also very interested in support for the Brightsign 5 series players. We are specifying gear for a new center and the XC5 etc fits the bill nicely. We do not require touch at this time, just the multi display capability.

Hi @EAR,

Our team just finished our tests and we’ll be updating our help center articles very soon with all the details, but to summarize the current status

  • Running an experience on 2x1080p monitors on an XC2055 works.
  • Running an experience on 4x1080p monitors on an XC4055 works
  • In both cases, if the screen plugged to HDMI-1 output is a touch screen, touch works on that screen.

BrightSign confirmed that at the moment, they do not support multiple touch screens (ex: Displax TILEs) or mapping a large touch overlay (1 USB only) over multiple screens. As far as we know, they plan to work on that feature mid 2023.

Our team will continue their tests with 4K monitors instead of 1080p and will update the help center article / this community thread.

Video to come soon: an Intuiface experience (laptop, tablet, …) remotely controlling a 2x2 videowall running a second experience on a XC4055 through web triggers :slight_smile:

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Hey Seb, is it possible for us to test this functionality now if we have an XC5 2055? is the setup the same as the other players?

Yes, I’ll send you a direct email with the instructions.