PDF file SHARE, MAXIMIZE, PIN buton problem


I connect the PDF content excel file to “asset flow” but when the PDF is drag & dropped and opened alone, I need it to show Maximize - PIN and SHARE buttons. But only “close” button is visible at that moment. This in only happening at PDF files. Imaje files not problem. For example JPG files are working great, with all the buttons included. I also did all the settings in properties. but I couldnt find MAXIMIZE and PIN Button. and share buton not visible.


Hey @frt.bnt, I believe that you could accomplish this by making a data template to go with your PDFs. If you create a group that hold your PDF, and create custom buttons to Maximize and Pin the PDF, you can then use that whole group as the item that opens from the Asset Flow. The data template should be replicated when you set it to pull from excel’s data feed.


good idea. but why? :frowning:


Hmm, maybe I mis-understood…were you looking for a way to show minimize/maximize/pin buttons when the PDF is opened as an item?


yes.I have more than 20 pdfs and all PDFS are attached to excel and I put all the PDFs into asset flow. But buttons are not visible when pdf is inside the asset flow. (when I seperate the PDF/drag and drop item to open or tap item to open)


Hi @frt.bnt, see below I created a quick video that may help or set you in the right direction:


great answer @AlexB :wink:


thnx AlexB. I know this method .good tutorial but not good solution for me. I need to preserve design integrity on the experience.All buttons must be similar to each other. I cant change all of the button.(just waste of time) I have many image, video, text, pdf asset grid/flow?


And … There are many design problems with this method. Not all buttons have common behavior and design. For example, you can not put the share button in the default version. You have to put the button into the group. Normally the share button is left and a little outside. Buton appears when the group is clicked. To do this you need to grow the group size to the left. When this is the case, the buttons on the left stand separately from the content. There is a solution like the default version, but it is quite time consuming.


Hmm, I guess I’m not sure any other options you may have. It’s a little tough without seeing exactly what you’re doing, so I apologize that I don’t know all the details. But from my perspective you can get pretty close in terms of the design, and since you use excel you’d only need to make the template ones for an unlimited number of items.

Maybe some others in this community would have some ideas. If there’s no work-around and the only thing that can solve your issue is for the share/max/min buttons to appear in groups, maybe create a Poll in the Wishlist category of the community so others could help vote it up with you. Best of luck!