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First, I want to appologize 4 my english because I’m a french native speaker

I’m making an Intuiface Experience for an electrical supplies dealer.

1 ) I’d like to show his manufacturer’s catalogs as a portfolio and make them readable via a flip book ( already done )

2 ) I’d like to allow each customers to send himself these catalogs by mail already done )

The problem i’m facing with is the fact that the lightest catalog ( PDF ) is about 6-8 Mo and a customer won’t send himself a lonely catalog but around 5 or 6.
Delay of sending will be very, very, very long and it’s not proven that his mailbox is able to receive large size mails.

Is there a way to send a downloadable link ( which could be hosted on my synology ) instead of sending the entire file ? Perhaps using conditions like ( if file 1 is selected, prompt "https://xxxxxxx.com/file1.pdf ) ?

I don’t know how to circumvent his problem

Thanks a lot for your numerous answers

Hi Nicolas,

You can build a simple Excel file with 3 columns like this:


Then, to display catalog in your experience, use column filename and localpath, and when building the email, use the downloadpath to give your customer a direct link to access the catalog.

If you’re not familiar with using Excel, I recommend watching this webinar and read this article: Interface Asset - Excel.

Kind regards,




I’ll try it this Week end


Should You explain me how to params my send button ( in share via mail configurable ) to show an intro text " Thanks for downloading… " and after the different links of the catalogs ?

P.S : I’m also struggling with how to take inputs from a newsletter subscription’s form and put them in the mail that I will receive. ( Particulary with toggle button set )


You should see how to create an email body using multiple inputs.

I tryed your answer but I have a big problem

I’m using a scene to allow customers to download PDF files using share via mail configurable.

As the are numerous and heavy, I do it using an Interface Asset - Excel ( image, PDF name, downloadlink ) in order to show image and name of each PDF file.

My problem is that I can’t show the image sharing button when I select it.

How to do it ?

Hi @digimedia-caraibes,

Sorry for the late reply. Did you figure this out or do you still need some help on this topic?