Pdf asset grid

I am making pdf asset grid in which i want to open pdf when single tap on it(which is done) but i want extra functions like when i double tapped on open pdf it will toggle maximize(if i open multiple pdf toggle maximize will work on only pdf i double tapped) which is i am struggling with.
also i want to lock orientation (i dont want to rotate my pdf)
please help

Hi @evaz I’m moving this topic to Help From Community Category so your question gets more attention :slight_smile:

Hi @evaz,

If you’re looking to open only 1 PDF at a time with the conditions you mention, I recommend you to read this article about placeholders.

thanks @Seb but i want to open multiple pdfs after spending day on solution, i came to conclusion that currently it is not possible right now but may future updates has this feature

Don’t be so sure something is not doable, there’s often a way with software :slight_smile:

In your case, here are some steps to lock the orientation of the opened PDFs

  • Put the Documents assets in the scene (= outside of a collection), with a Free or Pinnable container
  • Uncheck the “allow rotate” property
  • Put them back in the collection (ex: asset grid) on which you have the “tap to open” behavior
  • and voilà! the opened item will not rotate anymore.