Paypal Payment and ordering

I am creating a small bar ordering system that i want customers to place their orders and then it emails the receipt printer and prints their order.

But i wanted to know is there a way for the customers bill for the table to add up like a tab and display what they owe then once clicked takes them to a paypal page to pay that amount.

if no to paypal does it work with card payment gateways and if so how?

Question 1, a running bar tab so when a customer orders new drinks it adds it into their bill and pot and cannot be changed when sent.

Question 2, paypal payment or card gateways allowed any examples?

Hi @mr.smith100285,

  1. You could create this list or orders using an Interface Asset such as the Shopping List. You just need to remove the buttons in the list template to avoid items being deleted / quantities being changed afterward.
  2. You can create your own Interface Asset to communicate either with a payment gateway, as soon as they provide an API, or with a payment terminal. We don’t have any examples on these ones since each payment system is pretty different.


thanks seb i will try that.

one other thing how would i create an email to automatically goto the orders email rather than the customers input an email for their order.

oh and this may be a basic question but do i have to create all instances on the stage if i want them available or can the software pull open an asset. for example i will have say 4 users at a time on my table so if they double tapped and a menu appears and they chose a web browser, a web browster intance would open from the software. or would i have to create 4 browsers hide them and do it that way?

I’m not sure I understand your first question, but if you want to pre-define the recipient email address when sending an email, you can just type this email address in the to parameter field of the send action of the Share via Email Interface Asset.

For the 2nd question, yes you’ll probably have to create 4 web browsers and show them on demand.


Hi @Seb , which interface asset should be create? And how to communicate with the POS terminal ? Thank you.

Kind regards,
Jin Xuan

Hi @haligo0718,

You can see in this user conference session (link includes topic start time) an example of Interface Asset used to communicate with a peripheral. The example is with a barcode scanner, but it would be quite similar, though more complex, with a POS terminal.

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