Pause Autoscroll when Drag and Drop Window is active

Anyone know how to pause autoscroll while being on the drag and drop window?

I have a carrousel collection, I want to be able to drag and drop an image, maybe draw on it but the carrousel keeps scrolling. I feel like there should be an option to pause and then go back to autoscrolling after I close that window.

Hi Mauricio,

Are you using the collection’s “drag & drop item to open” property or your own drag & drop triggers on images?

In the second case, from these triggers, you can call the start / stop autoscroll collection action.

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I am using the drag & drop item to open. I don’t know how to create a trigger for this.

Do you have a link to a tutorial?

I think I figured it out. I just need to figure out how to add the same trigger to multiple elements