Password/login scene problem and x amount of input problem!

Hi all - im glad to be her!
sorry for the long text :slight_smile: but i will say as much as possible to get the right help and comments.

I´m a total newbee - total green - watching a lot of tutorials and webinars…

The 1. in next month i start on my new job for a worldwide company.
The task at hand is to make a product configurator for the sales people - pulling data from a big excel file.
I was thinking about making it in html/cms/adobe flash, but with the short timeline and the many possibilities for tracking ect. with intuiface i´m consider using it instead.

(We sell very complex machinery, so for the ease off it, i use paint in this example…)

Scene 0: Sales person login in and answers some questions about the company he/she visit
Scene 1: Select number of paint buckets (they select 5)
Scene 2: Select liters for each 5 bucket (have they selected 10, they should answer/imput 10 times - and if 2 bucket - only answer/input 2 times) - only predefine liters is acceptable.
Scene 3: If the total amount of liters is under 50 they got one types of colours , and if its over 100 - another set of colours ect.
Scene 4-9: more choices
Scene 10: The receipt with all choices and the total price is shown. They now choose to “make offer (printable pdf) or make order (send email)”.

All choices throw out is analysed and send back to headquarter


  1. I manage to make a scene where the user write his password, but i can only get it to chect/Work with the first line/password from the Excel sheet. How di i get it to look throw and go to NeXT scene i it find a match ?
  2. How to get the system to show the input boxes for the x amount of bucket and make it look nice on the screen with animations ect.
    I think there is a easy way - but i don´t know how…

My solution:

  1. ??? Dont know where to go from here regarding the password
  2. Make a scene for each choice…

Scene 11 - 1 bucket
Scene 20 - 2 bucket
Scene 30 - 3 bucket
… ect.

And make them look nice with animation and so on.

I´m very interested in all of yours though, solutions , ideas, and comments - don´t hold back

BUT - PLEASE… I need help :wink:

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Hi @larsbaun and welcome,
How is your process of exploring IntuiFace so far?
To make it easier for community members to help you I suggest you break down your issue to smaller parts, so it’ll be more clear to see what you’re struggling with.
Screenshots would probably come in handy as well (: