Pass multiple parameters into Custom Script Converter

The value converter / script mechanism lets you pass a single parameter into a custom script converter and manipulate it. It is an awesome tool but limited to one parameter.

It would be very powerful to have an object that works as a hub, in which you could pass multiple parameters and then output a result from the aggregated data.

For example, I have three numbers as separate text elements, I could bind all three numbers into the hub, run a custom script converter to add together “INPUT1”, “INPUT2”, and “INPUT3” and return the result of their sum.

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If I could vote 100 times I would on this one!! :smile:

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or have the ability to access global interface asset values from a custom script

Thank you for making this post, I literally was going to suggest it this week, but didn’t come across it until now!

Hi, is this feature implemented now?

Hi @Torlin_Poe,

It is not implemented at the moment but you can help us increase the priority of this feature in the roadmap!
Please give us some information about your scenario that requires this feature, how and why you would like to use it.



My company ended up canceling their subscription to intuiface because this was not a feature.

They had hoped to roll out subscriptions nationally but we kept running into walls developing more customized presentations which would have easily been solved if we could have fed multiple parameters into an object then manipulated the aggregate. The amount of complicated work arounds the programmers ended up developing was just not worth it.

I don’t say this as a way to bring back our business, as there is no political will in the company to pursue intuiface anymore, but if your looking for feedback I can only say that this almost single handily prevented ended their desire to roll out subscriptions to over 100 offices, so I would say it is worth it, but not in a carrot and stick way because that ship sailed.

Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback, @lnadel . Sorry to see you go but it looks like the stars weren’t aligned.

Two questions, if you don’t mind:

  1. A workaround would be to create your own interface asset that does the multi-parameter computation. Was this option investigated and rejected or was it not explored? If rejected, what were the reasons?
  2. Mind sharing what your company decided was a better alternative?


  1. It was investigated, it was hard to determine whether there was a custom-interface that could be built which would solve the issue because the tutorials on custom-interfaces were so limited in detail and examples. There were many attempts to circumvent it within the program using its existing frameworks in unexpected ways, none of which panned out. Ultimately, it seemed as if our hands were tied hoping / waiting for it to be bumped up on a wishlist or coming up with really complicated workarounds.

  2. The call was made that we didn’t want to continue with the compromises we were making in the program and we built our own software for our specific purpose from the ground up.

None of this is a knock on the product, we think its great, it just didn’t work for our purposes.

From what I can tell, no one from your company actually reached out to Support for assistance. That’s a shame because if your team has the skill to build their own software, they certainly have the skill to build a custom interface asset.

Understood about the loss of will to come back. Nevertheless, I have to believe a custom IA would have satisfied your team’s needs. So if your team tires of the time and expense required to build their own solution, I encourage you to come back and give IntuiFace another shot. :wink:

Thanks again for taking the time to let us know what got us here. Good luck!

Hey everyone,
It’s been a couple years since this post was created and I wanted to bubble it to the surface to see if there might be any plans to introduce it in the future?

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