Parallax scroll on video animation

Hi all,
I’d like to know if it is possible to create a parallax scroll effect using the swipe gesture.
I have a 3d animation video (mp4) If I swipe the finger the animation will advance and recall some graphics that illustrate the various 3d parts.
On the Apple website you can watch the Mac Pro page. It illustrates well what I want create.
I don’t know from where to start.


Hi Gabriele,

I had a look at this apple web page and don’t see the animation you are describing.
Meanwhile, you can have a look at the following things in IntuiFace:

  • in the Get more Design Accelerators panel, you have a Visual Effects bundle that includes 2 parallax effects.

  • You can also download the 7 Design Trends sample from the market place where these kind of animations are demonstrated quite a lot.

Hi, thanks for the links.

The Apple link video is here

You can see an animation that advance scrolling the mouse wheel.
I’m interested to drive a video and show graphics at a certain timeline timecode.


I think is not possible… :pensive:
I tried everything…

If you really want to use a video for your parallax, here is something you could try:

  • add your video in the back layer
  • when your “handle” (a transparent rectangle?) reaches a certain position, play the video
  • when video reaches time (ex: 5 seconds) then pause the video
  • when the “handle” reaches another position, play the video
  • etc…

With this solution, you can play sequences of your videos using the position of your scrolling handle.
Would that help?

I think what @gabriele wants is a way to bind the [current playing video frame] property of the video player to an external variable. This would be actually a useful feature to enable a scrub functionality too. I don’t think it’s possible today, am I correct @seb?

Unfortunately I think you are Paolo @tosolini. I started a mock-up on this topic but didn’t manage to get a result before leaving to the ISE tradeshow. I’ll give it another try next week, but in the meantime, I will suggest you guys to post this idea in the wishlist section.