Parallax - Pinboard Vs. Scroll

I’m relatively new to Intuiface. I’m currently using Composer Pro. I’m finding that there seems to be more than one means-to-end where parallax design is concerned. Meaning, you can create the same effect / functionality in more than one way. At least, I THINK that’s the case.

When creating a vertical parallax display, what’s difference between using the Scroll Collection and using a Pinboard Collection (with a transparent rectangle overlay?) In some Intuilab samples, Scroll is used - in others, Pinboard.

I’d appreciate any feedback. Even if it’s just personal preference.

Hi @chris3,
As for many things in IntuiFace, there are indeed more than one ways to make things work.

Regarding parallax- We were in fact using the pinboard and rectangle before the scroll collection was released. We think the scroll collection is more intuitive to use for designing paralax effects but concretely both work. It’s just a matter of preference.

As of today we would recommend using the scroll collection as it is much easier to build and understandable for users.

See here how to build a parallax effect using the scroll collection:

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