Palm Touch Trigger


I am trying to create a palm touch type trigger, instead of using a finger to tap, i used a whole palm to be placed on the touchscreen.

I used the trigger"Is tapped" under Touch and Gesture, it didnt really work if the whole palm is on the touchscreen. It only works with a single finger tap.

I had looked at other alternatives provided in the trigger category, couldnt find one that can help with this function.

Hope someone here can kindly advice how can this be done.

Thank you,

Hi Gan,

This is something that will really depend on the touch screen hardware you are going to use. There aren’t many screens that can detect a palm and differentiate it from “multiple fingers”.
IntuiFace won’t be able to detect the palm in place of the hardware, and you should have a look at a hradware-level SDK to get this kind of information.

The other option, on the IntuiFace side, could be to arrange your design so that it looks like it awaits for a palm interaction but in fact only uses an “is pressed” trigger on a button asset.

Don’t hesitate to give us more information about your scenario and maybe add some mock-ups / snapshots of your project.


Dear Web,

I managed to get around the multi fingers by having a button placed across the touchscreen and have its opacity at 0. As button has the trigger function of “released”, it managed to work as I required.

The event launch was done this morning at 0830 Singapore time.

Thank you for your assistance and advise. Much appreciated.


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Thanks for the feedback!

Don’t hesitate to share some pictures / videos of your work in the Show & Tell section.