Overriding Actions

Good morning. Does anyone know if there’s a way to interrupt an action with a separately triggered action? For example, if several hidden elements have been triggered to Show in an animated sequence, can that sequence be stopped by a user clicking a button which triggers other elements to show? Thanks for any insight.

Hi @mwheeler

You cant stop it as such, But what you could do is if you add a trigger to the group to say if tapped/user activity detected > Move and resize> the custom animation back to the original position.

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Thank you, Louie. Just after posting this, I grouped the animated elements and then hid the group with a trigger when the separate button was tapped.

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I came across myself scenarios like @mwheeler, when I wished I could flush / interrupt all the ongoing animations that were triggered somewhere else. I guess Louie’s workaround is the current best bet, essentially undoing / resetting everything that got in motion.