Overall pre-settings


Two Things that would ease my work a lot if It’s possible:
The transition from one scene to another would be the same in every scene change. The default is zoom in, and I use black fade in a 3 seconds animation.

Wouldn’t it be nice if composer remembers what you use the last time and make it default?
Or if you can program it in advance for all scene change?

Almost the same for text input: If you use 2 fonts in a word document, it remembers the two or three last fonts in use.
When I use tempus sans ITC in composer I have to scroll down to T every time.

Just some time-saving thoughts :slight_smile:

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Hi @runen1 just to make your life easier you don’t have to scroll down to “T” each time to find your font, you can type “T” in the font selector area :wink:


Haha, thanx. It don’t help that intuiface is intuitive if I’m not.



another solution could be to create your own Design Accelerator.

You can use this feature to create your own toolbox with all your preferred assets, collections and properties settings.
As Triggers and Actions will also be saved when creating the Design Accelerator, you will also be able to create
a button associated with a Goto next Scene action using your favorite transition.


Really nice :slight_smile: