Outgoing e-mail address with Share via Email - Hosted

I’ve read in the documentation that donotreply@xp-mail.com is the default outbound email address when sharing screenshots or PDFs, but somewhere along the line my own email address has replaced the default. I’m not sure how I pulled that off, but it’s happening.

Does anyone happen to know where I can change this setting? I cannot seem to locate it. Many thanks!

Hi @cullenb,

Please could you elaborate on the issue you are having, are you using the configurable send via email IA?

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Yes, I am using the Send Via Email configurable IA. A client was testing an experience with her badge and received an e-mail from my work email address instead of donotreply@xp-mail.com.


If you have already set up the configurable IA then it shouldn’t change?

Double check that they are the same it’s most likely the from address which I am referring to


My apologies, I misspoke. It’s the Hosted IA and not the Configurable IA.

How to I get to the “From” address in the Share via Email - Hosted IA?

It’s not in the properties when the IA is selected, and it doesn’t appear in the MailAsAService.ifd file.

Hi @cullenb

I’m pretty sure the hosted IA is hosted via Intuiface.

This is a free email service provided by Intuiface. You can customize every aspect of the email except:

  1. The FROM field contains a do-not-reply email address - donotreply@xp-mail.com - whose display name is that of the Intuiface license holder. This cannot be changed.
  2. The attachment size is limited to 5MB.
  3. Exclusive to Free/Pro/Essential Plans: At the very end of the email, the following sentence is inserted: Sent from an interactive experience built using Intuiface. This sentence cannot be changed.

I see; my client has not described this correctly. It’s not coming from my e-mail address, but it is displaying my name as the license holder. I will explain this to the client. Thank you for your assistance.

Thats not a problem @cullenb

Feel free to start the thread again or ask support if you need more assistance.



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