Our latest event, launching 28-June: Quarterly Q&A LIVE

We get lots of product questions. Sources range from Tech Support conversations, hourly consultations, User Community threads, prospect inquiries, and much more. They come from all over, and some are super interesting and widely applicable. We know lots of users would benefit from the insight, but 1:1 interactions limit their reach. Oh what to do…

Quarterly Q&A LIVE, is the answer. Every three months - starting 28-June - @Seb and I will host a live webinar during which we answer some of the best questions to come our way over the preceding quarter. We’ll prepare an agenda in advance, prep demonstrations, and share them with you in a casual, conversational session. Follow-up questions are welcome, and we’ll always end with a speed round where you can ask whatever you’d like. (We’ll even give you the mic if you’re up for it!)

Here are highlight topics for our first Quarterly Q&A LIVE:

  • Working with Headless CMS to create a content schedule
  • Building a wayfinder
  • Generating QR codes on the fly

The event is free to attend and will run at 10am New York / 4pm Paris. Just register and show up on time. Events will be recorded but, of course, only those in attendance can speak with me and Seb live.

Join us for fun conversation and great product insights. We hope to see you there!