Organize interface assets in custom groups

In interface we have all the interface, asset in a same list.
We should have the possibility to see only the asset of the scene or to put them by group.

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Hi @rvantony1,

An Interface Asset doesn’t belong to a scene or another but to the whole project. If in a scene you decide to display only the Interface Assets which are “used” in the current scene (through binding, a trigger or an action), how would you be able to use another one in that same scene?

Regarding the groups, they are currently grouped by their “category”, defined in their descriptor (.ifd file). I guess you would like to be able to create your own groups and move an IA from its default group to a custom one?

I understand than an asset could be used by all the scenes. But it would be interesting to have the possibility to create custom groups or folders.

I modified your thread title and added a poll to your first post so that other users can vote for your suggestion.