Order (in time) the actions as a result of a trigger

I’d like to make a pdf visible then turn the page to a specified (by a global variable) page number as a result of a single tap trigger. Right now, if I trigger the action, the pdf appears but does not turn to the specified page. It would be nice to order the triggers…such that the pdf appears and then turns to the right page in one action (as a result of one trigger, tapping in this case) Is the pdf not turning to the page because the pdf ‘object’ is not available (because it is hidden) at the time of the trigger? That’s why I’m asking if I can to order the actions that happen as a result of a trigger. Advice?

Hi @dheck,

You can use the animation panel to add a delay on the “go to page” action.


Thanks for your response. Is there any other way to simultaneously ‘show’ a pdf and turn it to a given page (as a result of a single action)?

The only way to “show” a document and to “go to a given page” it to call these 2 actions, with our without a delay, as shown in the snapshot below.

Seb answered this correctly.

However, what i found was it does not work the first time you play the experience. But once the experience is running and you go back and forth to this, it works.

Melvyn, this doesn’t sound normal. Can you precise which trigger you are using to call these actions, and on which platform you encounter this behavior?


Seb, I used the same triggers you used in the same way. It was an XP designed on the Windows platform.