Option For API NOT to Call At XP Start

For those of us that use API explorer ALOT…this would be very helpful.

When you have a lot of API’s in one XP, the XP gets heavily bogged down upon startup. This is because Intuiface is forced to pull data from ALL API’S AT ONCE. This is really weird in my opinion. I’ve witnessed blank data sometimes. Especially when there is a slower connection. I also feel it’s incredibly inefficient in terms of billing, and cpu usage.

Please, please, make a check box for each API allowing us to NOT call it at the loading of an XP. This means when the program starts, it only pulls the data from API’s we need at that time.

Then for the other API’s, we can trigger a call when the user presses a button to view the content, or when the required menu is visited.

By only pulling data when you need, we’ll be saving precious start up time, cpu usage, and unneeded api calls for our data plans.

Thanks for considering this!

  • Yes, I agree and would use this option.
  • Nah, current behavior works for me.

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