OpenVino & External virtual Try on Html5 on a same Exprience

Hi Everyone,

I was testing a few different ideas to see the abilities of Openvino that I can discover. I was wondering if we can use the OpenVino as well as a virtual try-on option on the same player with the same camera? I can’t be sure whether @Seb have said that in the latest webinar it is not possible due to privacy rights.


HI @ugur,

As said in this FAQ section, the webcam used by OpenVINO is then not available to any other tool, including the Webcam asset within Intuiface or any HTML5 webcam object.

The only way, to my knowledge, would be to use a camera splitter that creates 2 virtual cameras out of the physical one: 1 for OpenVINO, 1 for Intuiface webcam asset.
I can’t recommend any software that does that though, and can just warn about potential performance drop.

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Thank you for the response, I guees it would also make an issue with privacy rules. Better to use them seperately or with OR coded virtual try on options.

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