Opening pinnable websites from asset grid populated by data source



Trying to open a pinnable website from an asset grid populated from a data source using drag and drop to open. So far I have it opening on drag and drop but the pinnable button in the top left doesn’t show which means I now cant interact with my website I can just move it around which is no good for me. If I add a website directly to the asset grid, it drags and drops and shows the pinnable fine, the same thing happens with PDFs.

Is there anyway I can make this work please?


Hi @telfordASE,

You’re right, at the moment a web browser set as a data template will open with a Free container and not a pinnable one. I have reported this issue to our product team.

Meanwhile, having a Web Browser in the data template might not be a good idea in terms of performance. Do you need to be able to open multiple browsers at the same time? In both cases, I’d recommend the following:

  • in the collection, replace the Data Template by a button or an image that represents your data. Add a trigger / action on this asset that will either
    • call the Open URL action on a preset pinnable web browser. You will have only 1 browser at a time but you have a full control on its properties
    • or call the Create Asset action on the scene that will create a pinnable web browser with the provided URL.

Would that solve your issue?



Unfortunately we are trying to allow multiple web browsers so your second option is preferable and something we have down with a tap to open, however I would like to use the drag to open which means that I would need to get the X,Y cords from the finish location of the drag action. is this possible?

This also seems to be an issue for PDFs as well and images seem to have lost their annotation button as standard. Is there a way of getting round this?


It’s this something you are looking into?


Hi @telfordASE,

Yes, I had a discussion with our product manager and here is the status :

  • your scenario works with a tap trigger on your data template + the create asset action. You can use the X/Y parameters of the is tapped trigger + an Add or Substract converter to position your web browser as you need.
  • This scenario doesn’t work with drag & drop triggers since this one doesn’t give you yet the X/Y coordinates. The team is going to see if they can add this information in the trigger.



OK, the is tapped works for now and thank you for looking into the drag and drop feature as that is start is really exciting our clients