[Open Source Interface Asset] TUIO based Object Recognition - Tangible Objects


Hi Intuiface community!

This if the first post of a series about Interface Assets that were developed on “the corner of a desk”, as we say in France, that we want to deliver to the community as an open-source resource.
This means:

  • These Interface Assets are either really too specific about a topic / device or not mature enough to be embedded in the official Intuiface Platform.
  • they are delivered “as-is” and no support will be provided on them by the Intuiface support team. Use them at your own risk. We shall discuss about them in the corresponding community thread.
  • the source code is available, so if you wish to contribute to enhance it / fix bugs, please do not hesitate!

These Interface Assets are posted on the Intuiface github page: https://github.com/intuiface

TUIO Interface Asset is available here: https://github.com/intuiface/TUIOInterfaceAsset
It will enable you, as described a bit more in this article, to use any TUIO-compliant object recognition hardware/software with Intuiface.

The released package includes an Intuiface Experience that demonstrates 2 ways (among many others!) of using these objects.

Thanks to the TUIO community, Interactive Scape, @Alex, @Louie_Smith, @andrea, @m_rousseaux and many others for the contribution & the motivation that made me share this with you all :wink:


PS: once many of these IAs will be published on Github, I’ll create & maintain an article that references all of them.


Just to add on what Seb has said above.

We offer Support & Guidance for Object Recognition experience within Intuiface!

Middleware preview :sunglasses:

  • If you are looking for Object Recognition ready hardware head over to our page Promultis Products

Please see some of our examples below:

If you have any other questions fire away!

Kind Regards


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