[Open Source Interface Asset] TUIO based Object Recognition - Tangible Objects

Hi Intuiface community!

UPDATE March 6th, 2020: This help center article has been updated with a video and a new version of the sample to download

This if the first post of a series about Interface Assets that were developed on “the corner of a desk”, as we say in France, that we want to deliver to the community as an open-source resource.
This means:

  • These Interface Assets are either really too specific about a topic / device or not mature enough to be embedded in the official Intuiface Platform.
  • they are delivered “as-is” and no support will be provided on them by the Intuiface support team. Use them at your own risk. We shall discuss about them in the corresponding community thread.
  • the source code is available, so if you wish to contribute to enhance it / fix bugs, please do not hesitate!

These Interface Assets are posted on the Intuiface github page: Intuiface · GitHub

TUIO Interface Asset is available here: GitHub - intuiface/TUIOInterfaceAsset: Intuiface Interface Asset that handles object recognition through TUIO protocol
It will enable you, as described a bit more in this article, to use any TUIO-compliant object recognition hardware/software with Intuiface.

The released package includes an Intuiface Experience that demonstrates 2 ways (among many others!) of using these objects.

Thanks to the TUIO community, Interactive Scape, @Alex, @Promultis, @andrea, @m_rousseaux and many others for the contribution & the motivation that made me share this with you all :wink:


PS: once many of these IAs will be published on Github, I’ll create & maintain an article that references all of them.


Just to add on what Seb has said above.

We offer Support & Guidance for Object Recognition experience within Intuiface!

Middleware preview :sunglasses:

  • If you are looking for Object Recognition ready hardware head over to our page Promultis Products

Please see some of our examples below:

If you have any other questions fire away!

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Hi, may I know how I can use this TUIO Interface Asset in Intuiface? I try add the TUIOTagIA.ifd file into Intuiface Composer free version and it give me an error; "Object fail to initialize interface asset TUIOTagIA. What is this error? Is it I need Intuiface Composer Enterprise version only can use the interface asset?

Hi @derek,

You need the ifd and all the DLLs that goes with it. Please download the full sample here https://github.com/intuiface/TUIOInterfaceAsset/tree/master/demo/TUIO%20-%20ISE%202019 and see how it works there.



Hi Seb,
What the means of ifd and DLLs goes with it? I drag the ifd file into composer only, the dlls also need drag to composer? Which dlls and how I can add the dlls into composer?
Please guide me, thanks.

You can find instructions in this article.

This is the folder with all the files you need to copy in “{My Documents}\Intuiface\Interface Assets”

Or just start from the sample experience I mentioned above, do a copy (File → Save as) and build your experience from there.

Dear Mr. Louie,
i need to buy your Middleware pack, how is that possible ??

Thank you


What hardware are you thinking of using?

we have Yetitablet, HUMELAB TOUCH SCREEN and we have ASUS touch screens.
its all operated by Windows 10 Pro.

how can you help us to get our DisplaX objects to work on our screens??

Thank you

It will not work unless you have some sort of bridge.

What you need to find out is if all of those devices support TUIO.

Kind Regards

all my touch devices support TUIO.

what is the next step?

Are they HID touch or WM_Touch?

Just to update everyone following this thread.

We have the middleware working for PQLABS, IRMT, Displax, Our lightining II Touchscreens and Overlays



Update on this topic

  • Help center article updated
  • Updated sample to download in the article (link at the bottom of the article)
  • New video explaining how the TUIO Interface Asset works, including with the predefined IDs mechanism ( :wink: @Promultis)

Hi Seb,
Brushing up this topic after a while now,
Im currently trying to implement tangible object recognition for a project. I have purchased the MORE engine software from (Eyefactive) to establish a bridge to communicate with intuiface for object recognition. As per my discussion with eyefactive tech team they have asked us to purchase a 70" sharp TV with Pcap touch and some hardwares for object recignition (PUCK). I have downloaded the sample experience with the TUIO interface asset. They have asked us to make a setup to run the software and and intuiface in different PC’s. The display is taken from the PC running the Intuiface experience and the touch to be taken from the PC running the MORE engine software. It was a direct and straight forward setup. Intuiface is recognizing the marker(object). But the touch (Cursor) is not receiving in intiface. It works exactly as you have explained in the video. Only the object is recognized in intuiface, no touch is received in intuiface.
I have contacted eyefactive regarding this issue and have had multiple discussions and meetings with eyefactive tech team to resolve this issue. They have come to a conclusion claiming that the issue is from the intuiface end. MORE engine is sending the marker/object and cursor/touch points. It is intuiface that is not recognizing the touch points.
Please guide and assist me in this topic. Need to clarify the issue. I have made a lot of expenses towards the R&D in this project to work.
Hope you can get back on this topic and assist me in rectifying this issue.

You can contact me through mail: ashwinjoe2001@gmail.com
Phone: +971 556877321.


Thank you

Hi @cakemi (Ashwin),

For this kind of request are you able to submit a support ticket to our support team, you can use this link to submit a support ticket.

From there we will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

Kind Regards


Dear @Louie ,
Thank you for the response, I have sent a mail to the intuiface support. Hope this issue can be solved soon . :smile: