Open a file from a USB into a Experience (Whiteboard)


I am a newbie here and need lots and lots of intuiface help. One of which is :

  • I am trying to create a whiteboard experience, keeping the Intuiface designed whiteboard experience as a base.
  • I am trying to create a button, that when clicked will be able to fetch files such as images, videos, pdf from a USB stick or the local memory for me to make annotations on to it.

I am looking at running this experience on an Android Device.

Help would be appreciated.



Hi @chetan and welcome to the Intuiface community.

As of today, there is no way for an Intuiface experience running on an Android device to access content on an external drive (USB, SD card, …)

On Windows, this would be doable but would require a Custom Interface Asset that would listen to the USB ports, parse the content and deliver it as data feeds.


@Seb Thank you for the revert.

Since my experience is tied down to Android, with no way of changing the OS.

Would there be a way of fetching the files from Google drive or Dropbox, and open those files on the experience for the user to further use the annotation tools on the opened files?



Unfortunately, these folders would still be external of the experience folder, and out of what can be reached from an Interface asset on these platforms, as of today.

The only way I can think of would be to use an API to retrieve these files from an online server. See this article for more information.