Onscreen Keyboard not showing up

Has anyone had any experience with the onscreen keyboard for the web browser asset not showing up? I’ve got it enabled, and I’ve tried turning options on and off (such as “Display keyboard inside browser”, etc.) to see if that has any effect to no avail. Allow form entry is enabled.

I opened an experience where it was working in the past, and it won’t show now either. I’ve tried typing using my keyboard at my desk, and it’s not making text in entry fields either.

I’ve got the navigation bar showing, and when I touch the keyboard icon at the lower right corner of the browser asset (while the experience is playing of course), it toggles the icon, but no onscreen keyboard comes up.

Am I missing something basic in settings, or even at the operating system level perhaps?

Found it! I went under File > Composer Settings and enabled the virtual keyboard, which was turned off by default.

If anyone else is as daft as I am, and this happens to you, this is how to fix it. ; )