One project, multiple applications

First sorry my english translated by Google.

We have several sectors in the same furniture and appliance store, living room, bedroom and kitchen for example.
I don’t want to create multiple projects because maintaining them in the future will be complex.
I thought of creating just one project to serve various sectors of a store.
That way I can better maintain the experience screen patterns I created.
It would also have only one deploy.

But I wanted every player within the store to initially only display content from their sector.
I thought of doing this from the machine name or IP, but I couldn’t find a way to do it.

Another way would be to indicate to each Player what will be the starting scene.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

You could use the “System Info” Interface Asset. You can use a trigger when the experience begins to check the “Device name” or the “Display name” in the “System Info” Asset and use the “Go to Scene” action to move to the sector you want that player to start on.


Where do I create the trigger for when the experiment begins?
I wouldn’t want to create a scene just for that.
It had to be an app feature.

You can add a trigger to the Startup scene.



Exactly, but I had mentioned not having a pre scene for that.
I wanted to choose the initial scene of the experiment before entering any scene.

If you uncheck Animation in the Timing and Animation of the “go to scene” action , you don’t even see the pre scene. It looks as if it opens directly to the scene you want to load.


Good solution!
It worked very well.


You’re very welcome! Glad I could help.

Another option, you can create a timer trigger at the experience level (one level above the scene) that will be raised only once, when the experience starts.