One Experience on Multiple players- However images for each player is different

Hey some assistance will be greatly appriciated.

We have about 300 screens. each screen is divided into section. Layout depends on the store type. i.e. Store 1 will display Apple iPhone XS on Position1, Huawei P20 on Position2, Samsung A30 on Position3 .Store 2 Will display the Samsung A9 on Position1, Apple iPhone XS ob Position2, Huawei Psmart on Position3.

The images created across all 300 screens are the same. Thus the Samsung A9 artwork is the same in both store 1 and 2 its just the positioning on screen that changes.

There has to be an easier way of deploying the layouts to these screens short of me having to create 300 experiences.

I’ve created an Excel sheet with a binding based on the layouts, but Im stumped on how the XP will change the player content based on the id or something similar

Hi Conrad,

By using the System Information Interface Asset, you will be able to get for instance the Device Name (or the location).

Available data is:

Knowing that, you just have to make a list in Excel containing for each row for instance the device name and the desired layout.
When your experience starts, filter the Excel on the “device name” column, using a binding to the value you get from the System Information Interface Asset and you’ll get your proper layout.

And voilà! One experience, all layouts, specific for each device (or location or any criteria that suits you).




I think your excel table is not in the proper format, I would have the image positions in a each separate row, with the store name in the next column against its respective row. Then as Alex mentions above you use the device name as a filter. Once the filter is set, intuiface displays the images in the same tabular sequence that they are entered into the excel sheet, maybe something like the below:


Hope this helps


Yes, I think having two excel sheets would be helpful.

Sheet 1: each row would have layout name, postion1, position2, etc. These would be bound to your images in your XP.

Sheet 2: contains a list of all the device names, and the corresponding layout name from sheet 1. When you start your experience, you can sort sheet 2 by the device name from the system interface asset. That will then sort Sheet 1 for which layout to grab.

Is there any other logic involved in making the decision of layouts, or is every display customized? For example, if all displays in the same geographic location have the same layout, then you can assign groups of displays to certain layouts by location. I believe the system info tab knows the local city. Before doing this, it’d be best to run a little test with a few displays to ensure accuracy.