OLED Display

Does anyone have experience creating content displayed on an OLED touch screen? I am looking to maximize the solid to transparent and transparent to solid impact. Any advice you can pass along would be very helpful.


Hi Jim,

I’d definitely be interested to help you out. I’ve been creating intuiface content for quite a while now. Could you please share details, I’d love to take a dive into it.


Hey @jsfox ,
As far as I know, OLED is just another medium for showing the display’s pixels. There are OLED displays are are translucent, and opaque like a standard TV.

I assume you’re working with the translucent models though? I don’t have experience with this, but if I was going to build objects, I would make use of groups with semi-transparent assets that change in opacity according to user interactions on the screen. I’m willing to bet that assets that have opaque borders with semi transparent contents would be pretty neat looking as well.

Sounds fun actually. Are you designing the project? If so, it’d be neat if you could post your work in the community showcase here so we can see what you’ve done! Otherwise, myself, @melvyn_br and others here would probably be more than qualified to help.

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We have a transparent Planar LO55 touch display here that I’ve created a few things for. (that’s actually whats in front of me on my profile photo)… Anything that’s black becomes clear. I’ve seen some other ones though that somehow generate black pixels. Knowing how the one you’re designing for behaves when it comes to black or dark pixels would probably be the first thing to consider.

Sounds pretty cool. And it makes sense now…if you have transparent pixels, “black” would be the “off” state, since each pixel is a little independent light. I’ve seen the Planar display at a meet and greet once and they are very appealing.

Personally, I would probably have a lot of fun playing with it to figure out what works best. Off the top of my head, I would set the lower layer of my Xp to be semi-transparent color, like a slight shade of white. Anything on top of that white would be visible, even if it’s black. Then I would probably get creative between turning that layer of white off and on depending on the menu. Setting the whole scene structure like this can help you pinpoint exactly where the user should focus their attention.

The neat thing about this would be that you can literally manipulate the whole structure of the canvas that the viewer sees. Asset Grids would look great with data templates, because with a black or transparent background, collections of items would appear to “float” in mid air.

Are you building this yourself and looking for advice? Or would you need the help of myself or another expert to build the experience for the display? Even if you want to throw around some ideas for your project offline, feel free to email me at alex@realeyesdisplays.com


btw, here’s our submission to planar which is how we won the screen. It’s just a concept but might spark some ideas. (check the video) http://fivestonestudios.com/portfolio/planar-clear-concept-awards-submission/

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That’s really awesome! Very cool idea, it’s no question why you won it.

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Nice concept and nice video @carson !

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