Office 365 Calendar Integration



I’m looking for a way to get calendar information from Outlook so that we can create a digital sign that will display meeting times and locations at one of our office buildings. Would using the “Design an Interface Asset Descriptor for a REST-based Web Service” be a possible way to go about this or is there a different approach we should take?


Hi Catherine,

I answered you in a private thread on our support so I’ll recommend you to follow the discussion there.

Here is a copy of my answer for others who could be interested

Hi Catherine,

This is indeed the approach to have. I recommend you to read MS Office documentation such as this page, find the request that will let you access your meetings and share that information with us. I made this thread private.
As you can see in this announcement post, until we release IntuiFace 6.0 we can help you to generate the IntuiFace Descriptor that will let you access the PAI of your choice from an IntuiFace Experience.



I’m guessing the files the API explorer generates are specific to security keys and can’t be shared? I’m trying to do the same with pulling events from a 365 Calendar but the first 3 or 4 pages Microsoft is taking me through to Authenticate Intuiface and “Secure an MVC web API”? are way out of my bag of tricks. Am I even headed in the right direction?


Hi @carson,

As far as I could see, Office 365 Calendar requires an OAuth2 authentication which is currently not support by IntuiFace API Explorer.
If you found some other ways to authenticate your app, could you please share some documentation links with us?




That’s exactly what I was looking to find out before getting any deeper. Thanks for the quick reply.