Object recognition using capacitive Screens

I have been tasked as part of a wider project to get Object recognition working and integrating with Intuiface.
End goal is to be able to place a 3D printed object with say 3 touch capacitive points on the base of the item to then activate an experience with in Intuiface. We have a team who have built our Experienbce in Intuiface already.
I’m just confused asthe best one bit of information to read as I have already read lots on the subject from various sources regarding this subject afrom TUIO protocol’s and using the Simulators and reactivision for example and reading about Open Sound Control.
I have read Object recognition - Feedback - Intuiface Community, is this still the best place for information regarding getting this working or is there more information elsewhere.


If you do want another development team to help with your project, let me know. We have done a few projects using object recognition. We can work within and outside of intuiface. Here is a recent project: TP Link CES 2017 - Interactive Table w/ Object Recognition - YouTube

Please email me directly or send me a pm to further discuss.

@Seb (or anyone from the Intuiface team) can you please advise on this? and potentially share the test experience with me

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @denitsa,

You’ll find more information about tangible objects in this article. A sample can be downloaded at the end of the article.


Hi Paulh,

we have a requirement for object recognition with intuiface. please reach out to my mail ravi@eventpro.co.in

Hi Paul, interested in your software.Please let’s touch base. Pm to andrea@interiors3d.it