Object Recognition related Question

We are planning to build an object recognition experience with 6-7 objects .
Is it possibe to use our own custom objects build by us similar to https://www.instructables.com/Object-Interaction-With-Touchscreens/
Building your own interactive touchscreen table with object recognition | by Andreas Schallwig | The Startup | Medium

My Question : Is this possible with intuiface without any third party solutions? Is it possible to write a simple tracker TUIO (in c++ or pthon or any language) and use it? What is the best approach for this experience

Hi @PQuest,

The problem you will find is that you can just get any IR frame or PCAP skin it needs to be hardware that supports TUIO. You would need to build A. The bridge between the hardware and to Intuiface B. A recognition system for registering/storing the points of a given marker.

You could create such program that could convert the touch events and convert them to TUIO events.

If you want we have built the middleware already so we support most of the standard IR and PCAP skins (Promultis, PQlabs, IRMT, all the usual suspects.)

Have a read of this article ​

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Holidays are approaching and we wont be able to get these ready made solutions on time .
Is it possible to build a middleware which can take touchinput from a touch monitor / ir touch sensor and send it to intuiface as TUIO specification?

@PQuest What touch monitor / ir touch sensor do you already have with you?
Depending on the manufacturer / model, Promultis’ middleware might be a solution for you and you should definitely contact @Louie_Smith about that.
Intuiface doesn’t offer such a middleware solution, we only process events that come through TUIO.