Object recognition on four 4k screen Computer Specification question

We’re working on a new work using displax and object recognition. Our work requires four 4k monitors, three of them combined into one. The other screen is separate. So I wanted to know what the computer and graphics card specs are supposed to be, and whether or not this kind of integration would require any special equipment.

You can use our touchscreens to do this we can design and built that whole top, give me a PM we can help you out with this solution.

CPU wise the table will need quiet a powerful single processer and graphics card.

I would say for something like this maybe a RTX 3090 TI just because of the resolution if you are planning running the table of one machine or three machines with 1660 tis. But regarding the CPU to use on a single experience at 4K I would recommend something like a i5 10500 and above.

But the question really is what are you wanting to display on the table and how complex the experience is. This is where you need to think about the hardware requirements and lots of testing is needed.

Again I have built plenty of Object Recognition experiences so I will be able to point you in the right direction.

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Hi @owlstudios081,

I would have asked @Louie_Smith for his input since when it comes to large tables with object recognition, he’s the man :wink:

I would also see 2 different architecture options here

  • 1 single PC with 4x4K outputs, 3 for the table, 1 for the wall (that’s a huge PC)
  • 2 PCs, 1 with 3x4K outputs for the table (that’s a big PC) and 1x4K for the wall (that’s a regular PC)

The choice mainly depends on what’s going on between the table and the wall.

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Thank you very much :grinning: