NVidia P4000 optimization for Intuiface

Hello everybody,

is there somebody who can help with NVdia quadro P4000 graphic card configuration to optimize as best Intuiface functionalities to make our experiece smooth and fluid?
Happy to share more details if you are interested.

Thank you guys

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Hit me up, what have you got going on in your experience?

What’s working well and what’s not working well?

Moving this thread to “help from community” category.
Good luck @p.secomandi :slight_smile:

We will have a videowall 1x4 4k so most likely 8800x3840 px.
We have more sections inside for a huge fashion brand in which fashion shows, ADVs, product images are showed.
The user will surf this immersive experience to undertand the history of the brand and the latest products.
Composed by and IDLE (screen saver let’s say), a menu, 5 sections and for each one carusels of carusels witth many images and videos.
hope this helps

Can you show a video of it, have you changed any settings in nvidia control panel, Have you upped the refresh rate of the videocard, have you enabled maximum performance on the card?

@p.secomandi You may want to see the big image wall I created in the Show & Tell section, I can help you with any doubt you may have

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Hi Malvyn, would be great to me to see your work and understand if similar.
@Louie_Smith, for now I cannot share the project / videos due to NDA

this is the link

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so great!

  • we have 4x 4k touchscreens using only one PC.
  • our tot resolution is 9158x3840px

I think u can give good advices

sure please feel free to msg me

Hi @Louie_Smith and @melvyn_br,

how are you guys?

Please have a look at the pictures here: https://we.tl/t-AxBjNSZfp0 (can’t put more than 1 here).
After some tests we set this way our P4000 and the result is that the whole experience is more fluid. Probably there is somethig else / better we can do… what’s your opinion?

We are working with this machine: Workstation TS P520C Tower, Xeon W-2123, 512GB SSD, 2x16GB DDR4, P4000, W10
Let me know if the specifics above can be improved.

Please note we have carusels inside asset grids and you can navigate horizontaly and vertically at the same time.
Here, in this scenes we have over 200 images and soon videos.