Now some videos to whet your IntuiFace 6.0 appetite

As if we haven’t dangled the Version 6.0 carrot enough, we thought you might appreciate some feature previews.

All four videos at the same time? Sorry, we’re a pins and needles fan. We’ll update this post when new videos become available.

  • Experience Layers

Experience layers are layers independent of and shared across scenes, enabling you to easily create and modify background and foreground content. Not only do these “masters” make experience creation easier, they make visuals better because all images, videos and audio content in experience layers will play continuously across scene-to-scene transitions.

  • New user interface and feature set for experience sharing and deployment

If you have ever used our experience sharing (by URL / by account) or remote deployment features then you know the UI we’re talking about. We’ve practically gone back to the drawing board on this one. Much more flexible, much more scalable and, frankly, much more modern. If you’re managing even a modest number of Players in the field or working at a distance from colleagues and clients, you’re going to love what we’ve done.

  • X-Ray for Interface Assets

Interface assets are a powerful concept, core to IntuiFace’s ability to communicate with any external data source, business logic or device. Unfortunately, for some it’s also an intimidating topic, preventing users in-need from achieving amazing results. Our new X-Ray feature should help simplify the use and adoption of interface assets. Use it to easily identify all modifiable and read-only properties as well as all available triggers and actions. Plus with it you can quickly create assets and collections bound to an external data source, as well as create new trigger/action pairs. It’s a time saver for the experts and an on-ramp for beginners.

  • API Explorer

You can read all about it, and watch a video here.


6.0 is going to get weird, and I like it.


Just posted our second preview video: New UI and feature set for experience sharing and deployment.


Just posted the third of our four preview videos for IntuiFace Version 6.0. Today’s topic: a new x-ray feature for interface assets.