Not able to change scene while binding scene-name from another scene

Hi there
ok, that sounds … umm … strange … Do I simply have a blackout? I miss the little blue sign to change to another scene, perhaps to bind output-text to this other scene-name …

Greez, Mike C.

Hello @mike.kunz,

I suggest you to directly contact our Support team and open a ticket there with your question.

As we will ask you to share your experience and for more detail on what you are looking to accomplish.


@mike.kunz you could also look at this help article on Passing information between scenes.

Thank you for your answer. In today’s Q&A webinar I was able to ask my question again. I wasn’t aware that this function no longer exists. But I could remember that I had already used it like this. According to Seb, this feature is no longer available, but is still supported if an older XP was built this way. That was my missing info …

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