Nexmosphere Running on Samsung TabA Error 7062


I require some assistance with Nexmpsphere runnning on an Android Tab.

I configured the Nexmosphere X-ray’s Properties to:
Serial Port name (Windows): COM1
Serial Port Path:/usb

When starting the XP I get the following error
"Parts of this experience may not work because it uses an interface asset,“COMPortDetector’, not supported on this device. If this problem is unexpected, contact support Error 7062”

The Samsung is connected to the Nexmosphere kit Via Micro usb converter.

Any Idea how I Can get it to work

Hi Conrad @sales1,

The “COMPortDetector” will only work on a Windows platform but is absolutely not necessary to work with Nexmosphere Interface Asset. You can just delete it from your experience and manually set the Serial Port Path as you did.

If you still have an issue after doing that, the best thing to do will be to create a ticket on our support platform so you get the best help from the Intuiface team.


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