Nexmophere and Conditional triggers

I’ve acquired a demo board, and find all these components top notch. It’s been fairly simple to get acquainted with the command syntax. I’ve run into what may be a limitation or a bug. Here’s what I’m trying to do.

I’d like Tag 1 to only be responsive to the antenna at location 3. So there would be 2 parts to the AND condition. A command from address 3, being either XR[PB001] or XR[PU001]. Can’t get it to work in one trigger. I’ve tried a trigger with command XR[PB001] AND command X003A[0] or alternatively Address 3. Doesn’t respond. My current attempt at a workaround is having toggles be changed according to the address and use those in the Nexmosphere conditional trigger. The demo does a similar workaround where the From address is it’s own trigger positioning the text over the picture of the sensor accordingly, rather than being combined in one trigger when the tag is placed.

Hi @gordon_johnson,

These components are indeed very good and we have more & more Intuiface users enjoying working with them.
Regarding your scenario, I actually contacted Nexmosphere no later than this morning about the exact same topic. The “issue” we have today is that the board sends 2 messages, 1 about the reader, 1 about the tag, and we are not sure the 2 would arrive always in the right order if you lift multiple objects at the same time.
I’m waiting for their feedback on this matter and will let you know.


Hi @gordon_johnson,

I got an answer from Nexmosphere:

Indeed you will always receive the two messages in the same order:

* 1st message: tag info. E.g. **XR[PU001]
* 2nd message. Antenna info. Eg. **X001A[1]

The order of these messages is guaranteed. 
If 2 tags are lifted at the same time, the messages will always arrive in the correct order (tag A -> antenna A -> tag B -> antenna B)?* 

So using conditional triggers and maybe a Global Variable to store the last tag info, you should be able to address your scenario.


Will give it a shot. Thanks!

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