News API

News API
This API functions as a news aggregator, providing access to 70+ news organizations from around the world.

We’ve built an experience showing how the News API can be used to create a news jukebox. Pick a category and a news source, then select and view the latest news in a Web browser:

Detailed information about this API can be found on the News API website

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This is a great News API, I’ve used it several times.

Just a heads up for the future though - will be releasing their V2 of their API. It may eventually require you to change your endpoint, and it ‘could’ cost you money.

Here’s their soft release of their beta V2 API, ( which will have access to 5000 news sources. So it’s definitely improving, but something to check into in case they shut down V1 in the future.

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Thanks for the news Alex !
I’ll setup a reminder to make sure we follow these updates :wink:

Is there any updated version ???
thank you

Hi @s.haroon,

I just tested the original post and the API still works.
If you wish to use the V2 on your own, I recommend you to learn how to use our API Explorer here.