Newbie has a few questions / need opinions on design method

Hi there! I have designed websites before but our museum has tasked me with designing a kiosk. My intuition is telling me to create it with links to different scenes but am I creating more work for myself? The documents say to proceed as if it was a PowerPoint presentation but I have limited use of PP.

Secondarily, is there a limit to the number of scenes you can have - not layers.

I HAVE gone through the tutorials, just wondering if there were any others who come from the same background and could advise.


It depends largely on what you’re trying to accomplish. I’ve been able to achieve some fairly complex experiences using only 2 or 3 scenes, and each scene just strategically using hiding/showing different layers.

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Hi Lynn, Since you are starting out on this, I would suggest using different scenes if your presentation is not too big. Different scenes allows you to group your content and use the goto scene trigger (hyperlink in layman terms). Once you get used to the program, as patrick mentioned, you can then use lesser scenes. Using lesser scenes makes it a bit more complex, as then you will be using each different scene as a single group in a single scene.

Sometimes performance wise it helps to have more scenes, as performance is greatly affected when more content needs to be displayed on a single scene, regardless whether it is onscreen or off. Intuiface recommends to keep visible content to a minimum to improve performance in a single scene.

Hope this makes sense.

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Hi @lmshannie and welcome to the Intuiface community :slight_smile:

There’s no theoretical limit regarding the number of scenes you can put in an Intuiface Experience, although if you start building more than 15-20, there might be a question about organizing your content in a better way. This article could be a good input for you: Simplify Experiences with Many Similar Scenes Using Excel.

I saw you booked your free consulting session with me on Friday, so we’ll have time to discuss that live :wink: