Newbie - Building an interactive Video

Hi all,

I’m a new user to the IntuiFace software. My plan is to build an interactive touch application with the use of an individual video clip. So primarily, I want the clip to roll on a loop (which I know how to configure), then I need certain portions of the clip to be touch activated, which will bring up information about the touched aspect - ie the clip displays different bridges, if the user touches 1 bridge, information will display and if the user touches a different bridge, different information will display and so on (the “touchable” aspects need to display at some portions of the clip and not others).

The clip needs to automatically pause when an area is touched, and should automatically zoom in on the area to make it the focus, then zoom back out to reveal the whole clip (and continue playing) once the user has absorbed the information.

I understand this seems like a lot to ask, however I have not seen any similar projects within the tool and I am therefore struggling to find suitable help sections to aid me with a solution.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

Hi Ryan,

I saw you asked a few questions on our support website. Did you get all the answers you were looking for?


I got a couple of answers. Nothing quite pertaining to the topic.

I have had to adjust my approach to the design solution as I wasn’t sure IntuiFace was quite capable of producing what I had initially envisioned (mainly due to the fact I could not find anything similar that had been developed previously).

Not a problem as the new design is simplified and therefore quicker and easier for myself.

Thanks anyway.

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@ryangeorgebarker0 some time ago I developed a time based video experience with hotspots (see Microsoft Lobby of the Future - Campus Virtual Tour - IntuiFace interactive experience - YouTube). To make the hotspots appear at the right time, you can try a couple of ways:

  • A video trigger (e.g. when video reaches time 0:25 show hotspot 1)
  • An excel database and a timer (e.g. every second, filter the XLS and check / show what information need to be displayed in the hotspots). This solution is more complicated

Regarding the zoom effect, I’d try a zoom effect of an image over the video, rather than trying to zoom the video player itself. The user will make the mental association of the hotspot with the image showing up with the zoom effect, and it should work.

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