New to this and have a simple question

hello everyone …

i’ve been learning intuiface for some days now and i have a question

i was told that packing all my assets in one scene and controlling them with triggers is better than spreading them in different scenes because more scenes effects the experience performance and makes it slower

so my question in general is …while using the same size of data

is it better to spread them in different scenes ?

or to pack it all in one ?

i personally prefer different scenes but i wanna learn which is better and why

and thanks in advance

Hi @memo_treka22 Abdelrahman and welcome to the Community! :tada:

There is no real golden rule here as it depends of several things:

  • what are your assets? for sure, if it’s a bunch of small images, there is no problem to have them all in one scene and do some show/hide. On the other hand, if it’s multiple 4K videos or 3D complex Models, it may not be a good idea…
  • how did you plan your navigation between the different “steps” of your experience?
  • are you going to structure your data using an Excel file or through API calls?

It’s hard to provide an advice as it’s deeply related to your structure and content.

You may want to have a look at this article: Organize your content within and across scenes using layers and also check Intuiface Academy that provides a lot of video courses to learn Intuiface, for free.




thank you that was helpful mr Alex

since it all depends on the content and assets im using how does intuiface loads the content and is there a way that i can control that

like for example

does each scene loads independently while navigating ?


everything loads the moment i open the experience?

That’s a wide and complex topic to detail, but to put it in a simple way:

  • scenes are loaded independently when entered, with some some differences based on the Player platform (windows, Brightsign, iOS, Android etc)
  • some elements are optimized and have their own loading behavior, like Experience Layers, Collections (we don’t load all the elements at one time) etc
  • Interface Assets are loaded at Experience start