New to Intuiface start up advice welcomed

Hello all, I am brand new to Intuiface and looking for any start-up advice. I will be using an Excel spreadsheet to manage item descriptions, and sample pictures so the Excel and filtering seems to be my main hurdle. I am also new to using an online community, so I hope this is posting is appropriate. Thanks Jeff

Hi Jeff, welcome to the forum, please feel free to reach out to us, there are lot of people here that can help you out with your queries.

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Hi Tanner,

Welcome to the Intuiface Community!

As a brand new user, you may be interested to watch our webinars and check the Getting Started section from the Help Center.



Hi @tannerkrob39 Tanner / Jeff and welcome to our community.

You might want to update your name in your profile to make sure we talk to the right person there :wink:

Welcome tannerkrob39,

Filtering of excel is pretty easy, just select a button, or whatever you want, add a trigger, and set that trigger to add/clear a filter… I have attached a simple example for you with 3 categories of content… (9.5 MB)

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Thanks so much for the welcome.

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