[New Sample] Intuiville

Hello Community.

We are delighted to share with you our new free sample, Intuiville.
(Not acquainted with Intuiville - the virtual Intuiface usage showroom? Read the announcement HERE)

Intuiville is our virtual digital showroom, a town featuring the use of interactivity - and Intuiface - in 50+ scenarios across nine verticals. Each scenario is accompanied by a business value discussion, highlighted Intuiface features, sample experience showing the features in action, and customer videos of real-world examples.

Intuiville is now available as a sample experience! Be inspired and learn how to do it yourself - no coding required!

You can download the sample here. Enjoy!



Very well done! This has helped get some ideas flowing in our company as to different applications that we can market to potential clients. Thank you. :slight_smile:


This is great! An informative way to present real world applications for Intuiface.

@bomee.lafitte I have a question: If we were to suggest some other environments or applications to add to Intuiville, where/how do we do that?

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Hi Alex,

You should have a link bottom right on the dedicated website :wink:


Alex (too)

As my grandpa would say, “You’re lucky it wasn’t a snake, or it woulda bit ya”
Haha. Cheers to helping me improve my observation skills.


Is there a way to see the other 50+ scenarios in the downloadable intuiville template? I only see “Retail” in the composer app.

Hi @digitalhubhk

You should be able to access the other verticals from the city map in the experience. Are you not able to do this from your end?