[New sample] Dad Joke Voting Machine


Dad jokes. You cringe but you laugh. Read this:

What type of music do balloons hate? Pop music!
Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use honey combs!

Do you know what I mean? :rofl:

Download for free and try the new “Dad Joke Voting Machine” sample. Indulge yourself in the endless supply of dad jokes and vote for your favorites. Dad jokes in the new sample are pulled from the third party Web API icanhazdadjoke, votes trigger the voiced opinion of our Chief Evangelist AKA dad joke generator in the office, and ratings are tracked using Intuiface Analytics. Yes, if you have yet to use Intuiface Analytics, this is a chance to get a taste.

Enjoy :slight_smile: and make sure to watch the VERY DETAILED how-to-make video by @Seb.

-ps- thanks @Alexis, Seb, and everyone who worked on this sample! (@Geoff for your occasional dad jokes)


I :heart: my company!

Sometimes you have silly ideas, like this one, and everyone gathers and give some time to make it happens, big Kudos to @geoff for his picture and voice acting :rofl: