[New Release] V.6.3.3 - more enhancements and fixes!

Hi folks. This release once again focused on product enhancements and fixes and answering some of your requests! Here’s what’s new.


  • The ‘hostname’ for a REST Web Service Interface Asset created using API Explorer can now be modified on the fly via binding. Not on an actual fly. That would be silly.


  • On very rare occasions, a Player would play hide-and-seek in the Share and Deploy Console. These sneaky Players have been found and the game has been ended.
  • We’ve improved how Interface Asset dependencies are handled. For example, hidden and temporary files are no longer referenced.
  • Another rare occasion issue. (When that’s what bug fixes are targeting, you know product stability is pretty good.) It could happen that the results of a call to a REST Web Service Interface Asset would be included with the results of the next query. We now do a better job of flushing the previous results.
  • Oddly, when a Collection’s content exactly matched the Collection size, scrolling was broken. This was particularly bad for the Circular Panel Collection. You probably didn’t run into this but Louie S did so hat’s off to him for pointing it out.
  • It is now possible to define - in the Player configuration file or via the command line - the port to use for remote actions.
  • 8 other minor issues were corrected

You can find all release notes for Intuiface Composer and Player for Windows here.

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