[New Release] Player on all platforms but Windows -V.6.5.1

Player on all platforms but Windows was just released, bumping it to Version 6.5.1. Notably, we’ve added support for Nexmosphere sensors and actuators on Android.

Please find all release notes here.



  • Eliminated condition where the Player Event Log displayed the wrong experience name during deployment
  • Data Tracking Interface Asset now includes the “Experience started” event. You can disable the collection of this event data via the Properties panel of this interface asset.
  • Fixed an issue involving the Excel Interface Asset’s “Sort” action which was mistakenly hiding filtered elements or, in some cases, displaying incorrectly filtered elements after sorting.
  • Corrected an issue which in rare cases prevented experience playback
  • Android: “Set text” actions no longer cause the font size to shrink if the display size is changed on the device’s Android settings
  • ChromeOS: Date values coming through the Excel Interface Asset are now properly displayed